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***Versand auf INSTAFRAME nach: Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, Spanien, Italien, Niederlande, Schweden, Finnland und Dänemark!***
Versand auf INSTAFRAME nach: Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, Spanien, Italien, Niederlande, Schweden, Finnland und Dänemark!


Our answers for your questions

Which types of printing do you offer?

On INSTAFRAME, we provide two types of printing:
Poster printing is the easy and cheap way to order on INSTAFRAME. We use a 250 g/m² premium photo paper, digital printed with a UV protective varnish.
Canvas 2cm
Printing on Canvas is one of the most popular products on INSTAFRAME. Our suppliers print your picture on a 340 g/m² Canvas Material, supported by a wooden frame with a height of 2cm.

In the next months, we will offer new printing methods and add-ons like like framing for your pictures!

How long is the delivery time?

Due to the endless variations on INSTAFRAME, all our products are printed on demand. Our production partners will need up to 5 days for the production. Depending on your country, it will take a couple of days for the shippment. You will receive a confirmation, when your order is printed!

Is it possible to exchange or refund my order?

Due to the On-Demand printing, orders are produced exclusively for you. Thats why we are not able to refund your order!

My order is damaged. What should I do?

Sometimes it happens, that your order get damaged during the delivery process. Please send us a short E-Mail with your order number and with a picture of the damage. After we checked the request, you will receive a new picture as soon as possible!

Who select the Creators?

Creators can register on INSTAFRAME for a listing. Currently, we have some requirements to fullfill, before you can register to INSTAFRAME. In Q2-2024, we will open up our system for more Creators. Duirng the onboarding, we check the Creators for any kind of political or ethical issues.

How can i become a Creator on INSTAFRAME?

When you fullfill all the requirements, you can register as a Creator using our Webform.

Who select the images on INSTAFRAME?

All images are selected by our Creators. We do not tollerate any kind of ethnical or political critical content. Thats why INSTAFRAME checks every picture, before it is listed on our platform!

Any questions left?

Contact us on to receive further information! Please make sure to add your order number to your request!